Services at JP Clock Shop

Restorations and repairs for your antique clock or watch.


Overhaul includes taking the movement out of the case; disassemble the movement plus mainsprings and dip parts into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Check and replace bushings and other parts as necessary. Assemble movement and lubricate.


Restoration is overhaul as described above plus refinishing the case, face and hands as near to factory original as possible. We do not change face, hands or parts before we discuss with the customer. Many customers do not want to refinish or replace old parts. Many customers like the look of an aged clock. But some customers like the cases refurbished to eliminate the scratches from use and age. For instance, now days the enamel faces can be restored to look like the original without making the clock look like new.


We provide a moving service with in the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and Riverside. Other cities and counties can be done but we prefer to negotiate a more comprehensive price due to travel and safety for the clocks. In moving we remove movement from the case and separate weights and pendulum from the movement. If the clock is going to move over 200 miles, the case and movement need to be packed by a professional packing company. We have a few to recommend.


The clock store is now renting out clocks:

  • Staging the sale of a home
  • Movie and Television
  • Play productions


We can estimate the value of a clock or other time and mechanical pieces. We base our estimates on various important auction houses and their most recent sales of similar items. Prices on items may vary due to the condition and originality of the item.