New Orlean, Louisiana trip

July 21, 2013
new orleans parquetry clock 1880

We had such a great time in New Orleans hunting for antique clocks.  We spent one day walking on Magazine Street.  We found a clock in a shop on Magazine street.  The dealer said it was French and that he had bought it in the Paris flea market.  The clock happened to be an American clock called a Parquetry clock and they have been traditional made by prisoners.  The clock is of an official building with a clock tower.  It was made in the 1920s.  Please look for this clock on our webpage as a new addition.

Darling Magazine

New store location in Los Angeles

The Darling Magazine crew will photograph the shop Wednesday for their magazine.  The issue will be all about clocks.  Darling Magazine is only for women.

Take a look at the great photo shot.


July 11, 2011
german painted bird box

We just purchased two very fine bird boxes.  The birds are delicate and very lively with their whistling.  Please come in to see them at our new location:

Moved the store

jp clocks moving info

JP’s Clock Shop is officially opened at 7404 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90046,  323-876-8050.  Telephone number is the same.  The shop is beautiful and looks like an old fashion clock shop from the 1800’s.  Please come in and say hello.  All of our GRANDFATHER CLOCKS are their to salute you.