MOVING the shop

June 5, 2011
jp clocks logo

We found a new location at 7404 Santa Monica Blvd.  We are going to be moving the month of June and expect to be in our new shop by June 30, 2011.

We will send an announcement in the next few weeks.  Come check us out!!!!

Annular Enamal Clock

October 1, 2010

We just found this wonderful Annular Enamal Clock at an estate sale.  This is a rare clock and most people do not know it is a clock.    This clock was made in the 1870 and it does run eight days.  Please look at our featured clocks.

swiss annular enamal clock from 1870

SOLD 5 Grandfather clocks

german black forest grandfather clocks from 1930

We sold five Grandfather clocks to Shanghai Antique Dealers.  They wanted Grandfather clocks that would make a wonderful sound.  They said that the grandfather clocks they were interested in had  to be noisy.  We wrapped them up and they loaded them on a container and took them to Shanghai.